Inspire 1 pro controller firmware update

inspire 1 pro controller firmware update

inspire 1 pro controller firmware update

Inspire 1 1345LS Propeller Mounting Plate Kit Product Information 1.0 2017-03-02 Inspire 1 Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines 1.2 2016-01-07 Inspire 1 Maintenance Manual 1.0 2015-02-28

 · In this video the team walks you through when, why, and how to perform a firmware update on your DJI Inspire 1 Pro, Inspire 1, or Phantom...

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Update Inspire 1 or Phantom 3 Remote Controller Firmware with a USB stick. It’s always a good idea to keep the firmware on your DJI aircraft and any remote controllers up to date. However, you may find that your remote control can’t be updated using the DJI GO app because the current firmware on the remote doesn’t support it.

Update DJI Inspire 1 Firmware – Tutorials and Advice If you own a DJI Inspire 1 you’ve no doubt been impressed with the versatility of the aircraft. However, DJI aren’t slowing down – they are periodically releasing new firmware updates for the Inspire 1 aircraft and remote controller which add functionality, fix bugs and add support for new accessories.

When flying with a friend, the Primary controller pilots the aircraft while the Secondary controller moves the gimbal and camera’s direction. Both remotes receive live data and video straight from the Inspire 1, but only the Primary controller sends commands to the aircraft. The Secondary controller must be linked to the Primary via secure password to control the gimbal.

 · I cannot guarantee it will work on the Phantom 3 Pro controller but if I were you I would try it. Reply. N. NickD. Joined Sep 14, 2015 Messages 1 Reaction score 0 Age 49. Sep 14, 2015 #11 wood man said: Well i got the Rc back from DJI ,it would not update,they said the hdmi circuit failed not sure what that has to do with anything.(i use an ipad 2 air with usb) Now the RC unit will not act as ...

 · The remote would indicate it was updated to 1.6 if you tried updating via usb but it is not updated. Load firmware 1.3 on the sd card or pen drive so you can go back to 1.3 on the remote. Restart the remote with the iPad connected and update to 1.6 thru the app. Good luck

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